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"There's a Special Place in Heave..."
"There's a Special Place in Heave..."
Mixed Media
Dimensions Vary

I use my deconstructed memories of rural lower class as a vehicle for stimulation through texture, color, and investigation in order to comment on the gender roles of the “southerner.” By placing objects of the grotesque next to or inside small, decorated spaces, a discomforting tension is created that I explore through the use of drawing, painting, and sculpture. Placing upholstery, carpet, and furniture indicative of lower class homes in the 1970's and 1980's into non-traditional places, allows for a break up of the space and an interruption of the viewer's notions of reality and memory. At the same time, through the use of symbols such as deer and sheep (stand-ins for the male and female), I create an alternate world where masculine and feminine become both ambiguous as well as polar opposites, as humans interact with and even begin to become animals.